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However, the orthodoxy of Nicaea would eventually and decisively be reaffirmed at the Council of Constantinople in Although the idea was not as controversial as that of Arius Christology, the Nicaea Council accepted the idea of the deity Holy Spirit. The loss of the patriarchates of Antioch, Jerusalem, and Alexandria meant that only two centers of power remained: On the idea of pneumatology, another ideas presented at the council of Nicaea was an upshot of the debate concerning Arius proposition that the Jesus Christ was a creation of God and therefore subordinate to the Father.

The First Council of Nicea

It is quite logical to think that if Christ was indeed a human being just like anyone, he should have also possessed the same weaknesses that anyone has. Indeed, almost every literature dealing with the council of Nicaea highlighted only the debates between Arius and Athanasius.

At the prompting of Irene, the council declared that whereas the veneration of images was legitimate and the intercession of saints efficacious, their veneration must be carefully distinguished from the worship due God alone.

The disapproval was so strong that most of the Arian party abandoned their support of the document and it was torn to shreds before the eyes of everyone present.

Furthermore, the council was assembled together to set a date for Easter. And Arius argued that everything else was created through the Son.

Through reading it could be assumed that these transitions back up the belief in one all powerful Father. The main purpose of the council was to attempt to heal the schism in the church provoked by Arianism. The consequence of the council was the Creed of Nicaea. Under one councils it was decided, by bulk that the Son is consubstantial and co-eternal with the Father.

And because of the extreme transcendence of God, in the final respect the Son has no real communion or knowledge of the Father at all. The central controlling idea is the unique, incommunicable, indivisible, transcendent nature of the singular divine being. Peoples who questioned established beliefs were accelerators better apprehensions of the truth, even if what they proposed was wrong.

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In this two religious ideas presented at the council of Nicaea, Athanasius ideas was more acceptable in the sense that it more logical and more theological.

The First Ecumenical Council didn't take place in order to tell people what they could and could not believe in terms of the nature of Christ in relation to the Christian concept of God; however, there were a lot of different ideas that people had after the crucifixion of Christ that developed over a significant period of time, and a significant number of disagreements existed in regards to the true nature of Christ as well as what his exact relationship to God was.

Thus, said the Arians, only the Son was directly created and begotten of God; and therefore there was a time that He had no existence.

Custom The First Council of Nicaea Essay

Emperor Constantine arrived nearly a month later on 14 June. Immediately following the Council the credence was slow but over clip it was realized that a new apprehension of the Trinity was realized.

Council of Nicaea

Early Christians were asking themselves who their God really was, whether or not Jesus was really divine in nature, and how to make sense of it all. The Bishop of Alexandria would then have to announce annually the set date for Easter to his fellow Bishops. The Council decided that Easter should be celebrated on the first Sunday after the Equinox and should be celebrated on the same day by all.

The biblical description of his being begotten does imply a special relationship between the Father and the Word or Son, but it cannot be an ontological relationship. Many things has been said and done on these issues but what has been very significant was that, that meeting solidifies the Christian doctrine against heretical teachings that were abounding during the succeeding centuries in the life of the church.

The final result from the Council of Nicea was the date for Easter. Being begotten or made, he must have had a beginning, and this leads to the famous Arian phrase, "there was when he was not.

The Council Nicaea Essay. The Council Nicaea. For more than two centuries, the Christian church suffered persecution under the Roman Empire particularly those in Rome - The Council Nicaea Essay introduction.

With the rise of Constantine the Great to the throne, the persecution stopped as he was sympathetic with Christianity in view of his. The Second Council of Nicaea II met in AD in Nicaea to restore the veneration of religious icons. In ADthe council met first time in the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople.

However, soldiers in collusion with the opposition entered the church, and broke up the assembly. Emperor Constantine assembled the First Council of Nicaea in the year A.D.

The purpose of the council was two-fold.

Council of Nicaea Essay

First, the council was to discuss the teachings of Arius of Alexandria a very popular presbyter in the Alexandrian church. Critically evaluate the claim that the Council of Nicaea was successful in it’s defeat of Arianism.

(20) The Arian Controversy should have ended at the Council of Nicaea as it. Custom The First Council of Nicaea Essay A great deal of things occurred after the crucifixion of Jesus and before the first Council of Nicaea in antiquity that helped to define Christianity and the Christian conception of God.

The first Council of Nicaea was allowed to take place during ancient Roman times in order to resolve these issues and to bring definition to a religion that, at least at the time, was conflicted as to what the.

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