The convenience of credit cards essay

Watch out for scams, seek professional advice if necessary, and work on accumulating collateral which you can provide in return for a secured card. A smart card however, enables the card holder to perform various other banking functions apart from credit purchases.

Credit Card Convenience No matter how good you are at math, running your credit card through the machine is always faster than counting out exact change or waiting for the cashier to count out your refund.


Inthe Diners' Club Inc, was the first company to issue an all purpose card. Many credit cards offer some type of rewards system that gives you points, mileage or cash back for each dollar that you spend.

One of the most obvious drawbacks of using a credit card is paying back interest. See if you can provide an explanation on your credit report.

Credit Card Advantages Paying with a credit card offers several benefits besides just convenience. The International Online-Only Journal, vol. If your wallet is lost or stolen, that money's gone.

Cash in the form of notes and coins makes up just one form of payment system. Hence, under debit card the card holder must have adequate balance in his account.

Advantages Instant Purchasing Power — Credit can help with unexpected emergency expenses and give you the flexibility to pay them over time.

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Credit Line — The maximum dollar amount that can be charged on a specific credit card account. You may also want to consider seeking advice from a professional credit counselor. By using credit cards wisely, you can boost your score in just months.

Wiley Online Library, doi: We focus on displaying products that we think our users will want to see and compare and where we get regular updates to rate changes, so that we know we can provide accurate information. This is possible because the card has an integrated circuit with microprocessor chip embedded in the card for identification purposes.

If you then choose to apply for a product the financial institution may pay us a referral fee. If you fail to pay your dues, that person has to pay them for you.

It should properly attribute any ideas, paraphrases, or direct quotations to your source, and should direct readers to the entry in the list of works cited. The Truth About Teens and Credit Cards.

3 Minute Read Myth: Make sure your teenager gets a credit card so he or she will learn to be responsible with money. Truth: Getting a credit card for your teenager is an excellent way to teach him or her to be financially irresponsible. That's why teens are now the number-one target of credit card companies.

Credit Card versus Cash. On the other hand, carrying cash do not provide convenience for the individual when customers decide to take a lot of money. People can lose their money if they have cash, but if the individual has the money in a credit card and people lose it.

Compare and contrast Credit cards vs paying with cash - Essay Example

We will write a custom essay sample on Credit Cards vs Cash. These guidelines include such debt promoting rules like: Having several credit cards, using those credit cards regularly, having a balance on those credit cards, and not canceling credit cards.

Credit Card Fraud Essay Words 12 Pages The advent of technology, in the form of credit card, brought in convenience and made life simpler for us, but along with it came the Pandora’s Box. Credit cards and cash both have their pros and cons, and which one is best for you might be very different than what's best for your spouse or best friend.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Cash Vs. Credit

Credit Card Advantages Paying with a credit card offers several benefits besides just convenience. Published: Mon, 5 Dec Nowadays credit cards are of great convenience.

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Credit Card is a kind of bank plastic cards, which is tied to the personal account of the bank, which bank offers the customer with a credit line without filing liens and guarantees.

The convenience of credit cards essay
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