The harsh reality of animal cruelty in slaughterhouses and farm factories essay

Freedman, Rory, and Kim Barnouin. And to make way for more intensive farms, forest were converted to agricultural lands while feed crops serve as food for their animals.

Thus workers are warned against it. Learn where your state stands on confinement. But are there really solid laws that would make an animal rights activist to sit comfortably in his seat if there is really no violence against animal protection law. There is supposed to be a standard procedure in the slaughter of animals.

Industrial pig farms produces slurry which is a mixture of urine and feces and is stored in huge tanks or lagoons. The calves are not spared from the merciless killing either. More than cattle are slaughtered on different slaughterhouses in US alone.

Very often in the United States, meat is discarded because of this reason. Morphine is an opiate and so it is addictive and the question of how does such substance got into these milk is an intriguing question.

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Danielle started working for Mercy For Animals because she wanted to be more active in food issues and animal welfare so the treatment she witnesses can be hard to stomach. Veal Calves Unwanted male calves of the dairy industry are similarly imprisoned in hellish conditions for the entirety of their short lives.

Federal law in the United States requires that animals should be stunned before they are slaughtered. After few minutes of trashing, blood poured out from its wound scattering all over the place.

Carolina, Humane Society of Eastern. Learn where your state stands on ag-gag. Yet the majority of the nearly 10 billion farm animals raised each year in the U.

Animals are being chained, confined, neglected, and brutalized in industrialized factory farms; if this was happening to one of our dogs or cats the society would literally go ballistic.

Harsh reality of animal cruelty

According to the Agricultural Fact Book inin year alone, an average American have an average consumption of pounds of meat a year. The Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter Act requires that livestock be quickly rendered insensible to pain before being slaughtered.

The question on how to avoid such issue to stabilize or control animal cruelties has a greater connection on how people should choose their food. They dare not move much anyway, as the sharp cage wires cut into their feet and entangle their wings, and many birds become entirely immobilized and starve to death.

Human Health Farms that are not properly maintained can be breeding grounds for Salmonella, E. Each law, however, varied from every state and country.

These same things happen in different parts of the world where injuries to animals happen before they are slaughtered.

As animals, they have emotions and also dream. Personnel in the industry are overtly conscious of the fact that the animal is meant to end up as meat on the table.

It lacks gamma-linolenic acid and magnesium necessary for the normal growth of children and its protein content is difficult to digest which makes other babies to have diarrhea Target.

Animal cruelty is an aspect of animal abuse - Animal cruelty in slaughterhouses introduction. In simple words, animal cruelty refers to acts of violence and neglect against tame animals.

The cruelty meted to animals in slaughterhouses in the United States is appalling. The way these animals are treated in slaughterhouses leaves much to be.

That fall, voters turned in a landslide verdict, passing the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act by a margin of almost two to one. It was the start of a runaway win streak for livestock. The pictures and videos that you see from Slaughterhouses are real, they were taken by people who want to show us what it is truly like for those animals, and we needed to know.

People from the ‘Mercy for Animals’ foundation, go into big farms such as Christensen Farms and Butterball to show the public and try and make cases to stop this. Buy meat that doesn’t come from those huge factories, we don’t know what these animals are being fed. Animal Cruelty shows how important it is to have compassion, respect and love for animals.

On today’s factory farms, animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds and stuffed into wire cages, metal crates, and other torturous devices. These animals will never raise their families, root around in the soil, build nests, or do anything that is natural and important to them.

- Animal Cruelty Animal cruelty involves numerous aspects of harsh and brutal treatment towards animals, ranging from religious rituals to entertainment organizations; this often results in mental, psychological, and physical disorders within the animal.

The harsh reality of animal cruelty in slaughterhouses and farm factories essay
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The Harsh Reality of Animal Cruelty in Slaughterhouses and Farm Factories | Essay Example