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Toward the end of that presentation, pro-evolution board member Roberto Martinez seized an opportunity to go on the offensive. The first ones were relatively quiet and did not attract too much attention. Sometimes he even spoke directly to Kendall, who was sitting in the front row because she was on the list of speakers.

Department of Education officials were nervous that the board would never approve the standards against so much opposition to evolution, so they rushed together a compromise the week before the February 19 meeting and officially announced the modified version on the afternoon of Friday, February She lamented that the presentation of evolution is too dogmatic, denying students their right to explore the issue for themselves.

He publicly supported evolution, but wound up being the last to do so before the February 19 vote. Additionally, public hearings were held in Tallahassee, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miramar.

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However, the final meeting in February attracted more than 70 citizens eager to voice their opinions. Is it first-person reporting. After a motion to approve Option B was made and seconded, Martinez once again took the lead.

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Tech-Ease for Macintosh offers concise answers to many of the most common questions about using technology in the Mac classroom. Despite our asking them about it, they refused to reveal how they got there before the building was opened.

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An FCS petition effort gathered more than signatures both on paper and on the internet, and attracted many present and past Florida university presidents, prominent scientists, and even the director of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

Unfortunately, Tallahassee was right back in the crosshairs a month later. Telecommunications Publications Class Projects ETC is a collection of videos, presentations, spreadsheets, text documents, and other school project examples created by students and teachers.

He mentioned that Kendall had spoken to some board members in person over the previous few weeks.

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Callaway answered by trying once again to sell academic freedom. Perhaps more important, the writers and framers did not just walk away when the draft was done. She secured spots at several public hearings and forums; even when she was turned away from a hearing in which the standards were not on the agenda, she parlayed it into news coverage.

Evolution in the Sunshine State: The Fight Over Evolution in the State Science Standards

Thus, when the board met, it had three options: Lit2Go is a free online collection of stories and poems in MP3 audiobook format.

There is nothing quite like sitting elbow to elbow in a room packed with your friends, your opponents, and more television cameras than can be found at a Britney Spears court appearance.

Despite the fact the new draft of the science education standards covered every aspect of science education in the public schools, all 70 speakers focused just on evolution. He had no significant impact during the writing process, but he would pop up again in later months as the standards moved closer to a final vote by the Board of Education.

All seats were quickly filled, and plenty of people were left standing. A document they handed to the board members contained the following suggested wording:. Sunshine State: Essays [Sarah Gerard] Binary Star, with the dynamic essay collection Sunshine State, which explores Florida as a microcosm of the most pressing economic and environmental perils haunting our society.

In the collection’s title essay, Gerard volunteers at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, a world renowned bird refuge. /5(53). Sunshine State Standards Grade Level Expectations Language Arts Fourth Grade • understands a variety of textual organizations (for example, comparison and contrast, cause.

Platform will align to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Science and, where appropriate and applicable, the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects.

SUNSHINE STATE STANDARDS Required Holocaust Education Mandate Public School Instruction FS The history of the Holocaust (), the systematic, planned annihilation of. The EMC Masterpiece Series, Literature and the Language ArtsFlorida Edition 2 DISCOVERING LITERATURE—GRADE 6 SUNSHINE STATE STANDARDS CORRELATION BENCHMARK GRADE LEVEL EXPECTATIONS PAGE(S) OR LOCATION(S) WHERE TAUGHT I/M* STRAND A: READING.

Secondary Reading Department, Core Curriculum,!Broward County Public Schools 8/! Next Generation Sunshine State Standards High School Question Stems.

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